What’s Your Superpower?

Molly MacDonald, Founder of The Pink FundSo many people think they want to know the future. You don’t.  

Not only is focusing on the unknown of what’s coming next overwhelming and intimidating, it takes your attention away from TODAY.  Once you are focusing on what could happen, you can become paralyzed from taking action. 

If I had been able to see the future, I would have never started The Pink Fund. Faced with the prospect of losing my livelihood, my home, and my health, I would have simply given up. That giving up happens to many people in active treatment for cancer. It’s known as Financial Toxicity and it has a real impact on a patient’s ability to recover.

Financial toxicity is emotionally, mentally, and physically debilitating — often life-threatening.

When I was at my lowest point, is when I realized I could help others avoid what I had experienced. I would have never had the inspiration or experienced the passion that has driven since starting The Pink Fund. 

That passion has been my driving force and taken me from bartering my dining room furniture for a logo design to providing more than $2.3 million in financial assistance to breast cancer patients in need.

At my lowest point, I began to dream my future and plan my future. 

-Molly MacDonald, Founder of The Pink Fund

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The Financial Side Effects of Cancer

Financial Toxicity


130% increase in financial difficulties for patients in active treatment

Job Loss

Breast Cancer Stats

Between 20-30% of women diagnosed with breast cancer will lose their jobs



10M will be unable to pay for rent, food & utilities because of medical bills

Impact on Savings

Impact on Savings

76% of full time workers nationwide live paycheck to paycheck

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